1. Scotty Leon's Avatar
    So, I called HTC and they had to clear the cache but that didnt help. its so slow now...There was NOTHING wrong with my phone until this update...I'm so mad...I got this phone day one and love it..any idea how to fix this?
    12-03-2013 10:28 AM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! When you say that T-mobile had you clear the cache, do you mean the system cache partition, as described here? Reset: HTC One (LTE) | T-Mobile Support
    12-03-2013 01:59 PM
  3. Scotty Leon's Avatar
    Yes, the system cache...Since this morning.. I even did a factory reset...it didnt help...I'm not sure whats wrong. When I click on messages it takes half a sec for it to come up..if I click on facebook it lags a bit...never did that before...
    12-03-2013 02:57 PM
  4. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Hmm. Try booting into Safe Mode. Maybe there's an app that is malfunctioning due to the update, and is bogging the system down. Safe Mode prevents any 3rd party apps from running. In that same article linked above, there are instructions for Safe Mode farther down on the page.

    Posted via Android Central App
    12-03-2013 05:10 PM
  5. Scotty Leon's Avatar
    I factory reset it? its still doing it. They are sending me another phone. I dont understand how this happened. If I factory reset how can i still have this issue??
    12-04-2013 10:06 AM
  6. B. Diddy's Avatar
    It might be more of an issue with the proprietary HTC software interacting with the Android OS update, although I haven't heard about widespread issues. Maybe a bad set of chips?
    12-04-2013 12:45 PM
  7. Scotty Leon's Avatar
    I really dont know. Its weird. Phone worked great...I mean..I lovedddd my phone...but after that update is just felt real laggy...HTC wanted me to send it in for a repair...so id have no phone for 7 business days...tmobile just is going to exchange it for me..but im worried its not a new phone im getting but an "open" box one
    12-04-2013 02:14 PM
  8. romdude's Avatar
    Well it may be an open box one but if you can double check no purple tint to camera, battery is close to 100% and no dings or scratches, then I wouldn't mind it as much.
    12-08-2013 03:35 AM

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