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    I have an issue with my calls dropping and the phone is back at the home screen (BlinkFeed), not the dialer app.

    It is a new HTC One that was a replacement for my earlier HTC One because of the same issue. I am not using WiFi calling at all, it happens at all different locations and times of day and I can't figure it out. My wife has the same phone and never has any problems. The difference with any calls that drop due to no signal is that when that happens, it is still in the dialer app. All other times (which is most often), I have a good signal and it drops back to the home screen.

    I have very few apps on the phone. I only use Evernote, FuelLog, Mail, Internet browser, Messages, Facebook, VisualVoicemail and BlinkFeed. No games and no "unofficial" apps. The phone is not rooted and is running the latest update from T-Mobile.

    Is there any way to track crash logs to see if the dialer app is actually crashing? I am at a loss. I love the phone except for this issue. Am I alone on this issue???
    01-17-2014 05:32 PM

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