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    I've started experiencing strange problems with my HTC One since 4.3 update. When I go somewhere with my headphones I listen to Spotify. Everything is ok till I start running (or shaking I guess), then music stops playing, phone starts calling some people. Sometimes it's a sound from Google Voice Search or something like that. I can't locate the source of this problem since when I pull out my phone from the pocket, then everything is ok. I tried to disable all Google Voice options to make sure, but problem still exists. I've also tried to locate any option which could be responsible for this action, but I gave up, phone is still doing strange things.

    I found one topic on Sprint HTC One website:

    which somehow is similar to my problem. I bought my phone last year in August and for some time I haven't had any of these problems. My phone is not rooted, I'm on official Tmo ROM, but now this started to driving me crazy. Does this problem is only because of ROM, or could it be caused by phone hardware?

    I use PIN lock (screen is locked after 15 minutes, but I tried to change it to immediate and it still didn't work) Thanks, any help would be appreciated!
    02-27-2014 12:16 PM

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