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    I got my Sensation 6 days ago. Works splendidly so far, but today the camera started acting up-- when you open it up (using the native camera app or other apps that use the camera, like Google Goggles and Google+), it begins to rapidly reset itself or something-- basically it keeps going black, then going back to the camera, then going black, etc. It makes a ticking sound every time, maybe the sound that takes a picture? I'm not sure, because I can't take a picture while it's doing this.

    I have to underline the point that this only happens when the CAMERA APPLICATION is being accessed. The camcorder, which obviously uses the same hardware and a nearly identical interface, has no such problem.

    I've installed no new applications in the last day or so, though I did take some pictures using Google+ last night for the first time. I hadn't really taken any pictures before, though I have taken a half-hour long video on the camcorder-- that was several days ago.

    Any ideas?
    07-09-2011 05:06 PM

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