1. johnnyn's Avatar
    For some odd reason some apps on my homescreen are displaying incorrectly as if I were in usb mode or if my sd card was removed. But when I click on the icons, the app opens and functions perfectly fine. Anyone know why these apps are displaying incorrectly?

    Could it have anything to do with me deleting files from my sd card as i switched from my old mytouch 4g to my new htc sensation? If so can anyone pose a solution?

    Your help will be much appreciated!
    08-11-2011 04:36 PM
  2. danperde's Avatar
    It's a well known issue with Sense 3.0. All the apps that you moved to the SD card will get their icon replaced with the generic one, upon restarting the phone. You have 3 solutions at this point:

    1. (The obvious one) Leave your apps on the phone, not on the SD card
    2. Upon each restart, delete and re-add the icons
    3. Upon each restart, apply a different skin to your Sense, or change the Scene of Sense

    I'm so ready for an Sense update to fix this issue....
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    08-11-2011 04:59 PM
  3. johnnyn's Avatar
    Thanks i changed the scene and it fixed the problem (temporarily atleast).
    08-11-2011 05:32 PM
  4. mrrobotanger's Avatar
    Thanks i changed the scene and it fixed the problem (temporarily atleast).
    I noticed that if you just wait a few hours it resets the icons to their normal state.
    08-14-2011 01:29 PM
  5. MattMJB0188's Avatar
    This should be addressed in the first update which is due out by the end of the month.
    08-14-2011 01:56 PM
  6. sgt_kermit's Avatar
    Another temporary fix that I found somewhere (can't remember where) is to stop HTC Sense, don't worry it will restart automatically and your icons will be back.

    Settings - Applications - Running Services - Show Cached Processes (use button next to home button) - HTC Sense -stop.

    I've tried it and it works.
    08-14-2011 08:43 PM
  7. konie06's Avatar
    dang.. i need it to work
    08-15-2011 12:04 PM
  8. keyplyr's Avatar
    I just open the app tray, let the icons load into the phone's cache, close the tray and voila!

    The app icons then display correctly again.
    08-30-2011 02:27 AM