1. seanwilliams78's Avatar
    Hey all,

    My car is old school and I use a cassette adapter + MP3 players for my music usually. I've got 2 different Creative Media MP3 players that work just fine when I plug them in, but using my Sensation and playing music through DoubleTwist, I get awful distortion/feedback and the music quality sounds horrible.

    Oddly enough, I don't get this issue with headphones so I know it's not the jack on the phone, and I don't get this problem with any other music player in the car so I know it's not the cable or cassette adapter.

    Has anyone had a similar issue, or can anyone enlighten me as to how I might be able to get more clear audio via cassette adapter w/ the Sensation? Thanks!
    08-12-2011 11:59 AM
  2. ragnarokx's Avatar
    Not even sure what that setup looks like - do you have an online store/manufacturer link to the adapter?
    08-12-2011 02:16 PM
  3. The Sensational One's Avatar
    It could be because of you phone receiving and sending data. I used to have the same setup when I had my blackberry.
    08-13-2011 01:46 AM
  4. ilove2p's Avatar
    I have the same exact problem, I use the Monster brand cassette adapter, works perfectly with all mp3 devices and phones but my HTC one M8
    04-30-2014 04:12 PM
  5. ilove2p's Avatar
    Radio shack has a cassette adapter that uses Bluetooth I'm just gonna buy that, should fix the problem I'll let you guys know
    04-30-2014 05:16 PM
  6. ilove2p's Avatar
    The Bluetooth cassette adapter works! Now it's time to save some money and invest in putting an aux input so I get the richest sound quality
    05-02-2014 12:00 PM