1. DavyBondo's Avatar
    I have an unlocked bell HTC Sensation
    and I would like to know if the Phone will be able to use AWS, with bands 1700/2100
    I want to switch from Koodo to Mobilicity
    12-12-2011 02:53 PM
  2. DavyBondo's Avatar
    these are Canadian Phone company's
    and just a yes or no would be great
    12-14-2011 02:36 PM
  3. DavyBondo's Avatar
    I found the fix for it and it works great now
    12-21-2011 08:20 AM
  4. linuxrules04's Avatar
    So, are you going to let us in on your secret "fix"? I'd be interest to know if it works. Been looking for a new phone for a while and HTC Sensation is on my shortlist. But I have a Wind SIM card so AWS is a must.
    01-06-2012 08:28 AM
  5. dongol147's Avatar
    I found the fix for it and it works great now
    How did u do it?
    01-18-2012 07:45 PM
  6. Dual2thecore's Avatar
    I bought a T-mobile Sensation & it works 100%.
    I'd like to know the fix too, so I have more options for my next device.
    01-21-2012 01:34 AM
  7. Dual2thecore's Avatar
    I'm going to guess his "fix" was getting it unlocked.

    Sent from my HTC Sensation 4G
    02-02-2012 01:07 PM
  8. Kibokho's Avatar
    If you do not want to share your FIX then better do not post .....................you do not have the FIX.
    04-15-2013 10:09 AM