1. biggbrother2's Avatar
    The Sensation was launched over 6 months ago and HTC finally gets around to updating it, and the best they could do was fix the power button/screen shots issue? And rename the "Contacts" section to 'People"?

    What a joke. What about the maximum screen brightness issue after exiting the Camera app? What about allowing the user to use the camera flash with the battery low if he/she chooses?

    What about the frequent green letter HTC loading screen?

    I regret every day purchasing this phone over the stock G2X. Sure that phone had isolated issues, but whenever I use my father's G2X, the thing flies compared to the Sensation. There are times on this phone that doing something as simple as snapping a picture, and sharing it immediately through MMS is so noticeably sluggish that I wonder if there are really dual cores in there! My Nexus One was faster at mundane tasks like this..

    And judging by the lack of activity on this forum, and can tell there has been hardly any interest in this phone from enthusiasts either.
    01-10-2012 11:01 AM
  2. Sudo's Avatar
    I understand you exactly about the lack of sensation with this device.
    I was so excited to get this as my first android but really feel like I probably made the wrong choice now.
    It was the best thing T-Mobile had at the time and I am glad I switched to android but with all things tech I should have waited.
    I notice the lack of enthusiasm in the forum also and am hoping it is because everyone is fine with their sensation but I am starting to think they just moved on.
    Root that device and switch to a different rom.
    I just did it and am learning the new interface and then I will do it again and again.
    The developer community will make this device what it should be by now.
    01-11-2012 06:58 AM