1. BBxpress's Avatar
    Hello, everyone. I just traded my phone for a HTC Sensation. Everything seems to be working perfectly fine, but when I try to use pictures from my SD card as wallpapers it won't allow it and a box pops up saying "Unfortunately, gallery has stopped."

    It's not just wall papers but any picture from my SD card. For instance, uploading a picture to my Skype profile. Any help would be greatly appreciate it!
    02-14-2012 12:24 AM
  2. geemix's Avatar
    The exact same thing is happening to me on my Sensation XE too. If I wanna manually add a picture to anyone on my contact list, or profile pic in apps. I choose Gallery...click a photo from any album and "Unfortunately, Gallery has stopped" and an OK button.

    I managed to get round the app profile pics by using 3D Gallery from the market (or Play Shop as it's now known). However, it doesn't allow me to choose 3D Gallery when adding pictures manually to contacts. Just pops up the default Gallery viewer
    03-21-2012 11:53 AM