1. Realsis77's Avatar
    Hi all!! I wanted to ask you wise people a question, MY battery life on my new HTC sensation is TERRIBLE, am I doing something wrong? Is there any specific settings I should be using or specific apps I should kill? Any applications that can help?? ANYTHING/?? Settings Perhaps?? Please give me some pointers and tips on how I can extend my battery life? Its very frustrating when the battery drains so fast! Is there another better battery I can buy for it a longer lasting one? sorry so many questions , I hope someone can help me!!! Thanks in advance
    03-10-2012 11:12 AM
  2. rex450se's Avatar
    What kind of battery life are you getting? How heavy of a user are you? Is it going dead after 4 hours or are you getting 30 hours but compared to the old razr that you had that got 2 weeks it just sucks. We kind of need more info here. And I don't know if you ever had a Razr, but if you did just come from a dumb phone and this is your first smartphone, you may think it is terrible on the battery when it isn't. I get about 16 hours a day on my phone off of the charger and when i plug it in at night I have anywhere from between 5% to 50% depending on usage. If you're watching a lot of movies or streaming lots of music it may not be that great. Also try lowering your brightness on your screen, I was amazed at how much that alone can impact your battery life. But first off let us know how you are using the phone and what you're getting know and we can help from there a little better.

    03-12-2012 09:26 PM