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    I have an htc smart phone with android (htc sensation). is there any app which works as a recycle bin or trash to get back the deleted photos?
    05-16-2013 01:13 PM
  2. frekiluv's Avatar
    If you are looking at prevention of the loss of photos you take there is the cloud. I us it. An app like DropBox or SugarSync can automatically upload photos, videos, and screenshots to the cloud. I like it because all my images/videos are duplicated and accessable from virtually any internet connected device with a browser and can be synced directly to a PC. Even if your phone is destroyed the stuff will be waiting for you at home. If you want transmission AND storage encryption I would go with DumpTruck. These options all have a free account option with I believe 3g, 5g, & 5g respectively with options to earn more space, up to 16g with each. Ease of installation and use of all funtions I would say DropBox , Sugarsync, & DumpTruck. I fell most secure with DumpTruck although SugarSync has a remote wipe function now. SugarSync ca sync individul device folders also but can become glitchy if syncing too many folders. There are also many other options for preventing the loss. If you need to recover directly from an SDcard I would remove the card ASAP. The longer the card is in your phone the higher chance you have if the data being written over and then out the card in a PC and use Recuva for windows. Its free for personal use. Just read instructions is you have never ysed the software before. Its not too difficult to get going but the scan may take many hiurs depending on the storage size. Works on most any file type and most any storage medium.. WOW im long winded. Hope this Bla Bla Bla helps.

    ... Your Mummy is a Zombie.
    06-19-2013 02:54 PM
  3. frekiluv's Avatar
    Oh. In regards to Recuva, I would not use it on the internal (system) storage. I have no idea what could happen with the Android environment with that software. Definitly check before plugging device into PC and using Recuva directly on the devices storage. I can just see it now... Dogs and cats becoming friends, guns that shoot love and flowers.

    ... Your Mummy is a Zombie.
    06-19-2013 03:04 PM

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