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    Hello People,

    I need your help! I have a Sensation XE unlocked by HTCDEV and S-ON.

    Now i trying to restore my phone with a LE RUU, now says HTC installer that my software version newer is than that i try to instal.
    The bootloader says after that error, Dont turn of your phone.

    After the instalation gives the bootloader the message : ''RUU''. I reset my phone by pull of my battery, after that, my phone doesnt do anything, the led is orange a few seconds and after that it is green. I put the buttons on the phone, but the screen is out.

    What can i do to fix that problem??

    ( I'm from the Netherlands, and my English its not very good. I hope that you understand this!
    05-31-2013 07:14 PM

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