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    htc sensation 4g,
    i bought the new anchor 1900 battery 6 months ago, and it was great, longer life, etc...
    however, recently, my phone is doing something in the background thats making it hot, and killing the battery quickly...
    i just did the factory reset the other day, reinstalled only a few of the apps, the one i need and use most, and its getting hot and dying..

    -specifically, its hot on the lower bottom portion of the phone, and just as a check, id also tried my original battery, and its dying quickly also (id thought maybe the battery was dying/defective/bad)
    -also in battery usage, it shows the 'screen display' is using about 75+%, but i have the screen off most of the time, and battery still dying withing 3 hours or so.
    new apps ive installed in the past few months ,,, if you know of any known issues....

    -the walking dead- dead yourself app.
    -any-do todo list.
    -mighty text
    -nyc mate
    -nyc bus and subway maps
    -iss detecter
    -google sky map

    how do i uninstall all the google play stuff, like slacker radio, google movies player, telenav gps, tmobile tv, and some of the just that came pre-installed, i dont see 'uninstall' only force stop and clear data, etc...
    09-18-2013 10:24 AM

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