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    My Sensation is not charging with the wall charger or another charger, or USB. It shows a grey battery icon with an exclamation point through it, flashes green and orange, and shows this on the info screen: (*#*#46363*#*):

    Battery Status: Unknown
    Power Plug: USB
    Battery level: 22
    Battery scale: 100
    Battery health: Overheat
    Battery voltage: 6518mV
    Battery temperature: -43.-7C
    Battery technolog: L-ion
    Time since boot: 26:46

    Obviously the battery isn't at 6.518 volts, and it's not at -43C either. Customer Care said to return it to the store as Buyer' Remorse exchange.

    I had a battery widget installed, but I uinstalled it and rebooted, didn't wipe tho, and I don't know of a way yet to get into the bootloader and wipe stats.

    is anyone else seeing or seen this?

    Other that this, I had soem data flakiness for 48 hours and then it settled down.

    06-22-2011 04:35 PM

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