1. Charles Poulsen's Avatar
    Let me start off that the reason I picked up the LG G2 was because of the camera and battery. Of all of the T-Mobile phones ( I took up on the opportunity for them to buy out my old contract) I felt it had the best

    Ok the issue... and please note this is my FIRST android phone (I've tinkered with the iPhones, Nokia Lumia and the BlackBerry Z10):

    When I receive a text on the phone it identifies who its from correctly. But if I'm in my car, connected to through the blue tooth, the SMS messages that are relayed to my car's LCD are misidentified with other people. For example... If I receive a text from Billy Bob, it registers as coming from Tony Little. At first I wondered if it was the next person in line or previous but its not. It's consistently wrong but just odd. The phone portion doesn't exhibit this.

    I must say it was very odd and freaky having the car read a text from my step mother telling me how much she loved my c*ck one day... I almost drove off the road... I then picked up the phone to realize it was the my gf (THANK GOD) and that the phone was relaying the wrong information via bluetooth.

    I drive a Honda.
    I'm not using Hangouts (because of the duplicate texting issue until we get KitKat), just the default messaging app.
    02-05-2014 12:18 PM
  2. legalkill's Avatar
    Did you ever find out a solution? My wife's G2 and her new Honda doesn't seem to read sms like it does with my Galaxy S3.
    06-15-2014 12:33 AM

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