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    So, with lack of Group Messaging support I decided to download the update and install it. I downloaded the update along with the PC Suite from the LG site. After I get it running I find that LG PC Suite needs to update AGAIN after I just downloaded it directly from LG's site. Nevermind this download took almost 30 minutes for a 300mb file. I am running a 60/30 connection so it should have been a ten second download. Well, the subsequent PC Suite update grinds to a crawl and simply stops at the first 10%.

    What the 43!! is the problem. I just spent $500 a piece on new phones that should have had built in MMS support. I should have known this would have been an issue. After all I decided not to buy an LG mini split because their top of the line 28 seer units do not even incorporate a WIFI thermostat option like every other bottom of the barrel system on the planet!
    02-28-2014 11:31 PM
  2. Matt Gowin's Avatar
    OK, found a fix for anyone who wants to upgrade but the PC Suite upgrade nag gets you.

    T-Mobile Kit Kat is here! - xda-developers

    There is an LG upgrade tool that is on that page that will upgrade you to the latest Kitkat release. Warning, dont use it on a PC with an SSD that has only your OS on drive C with very little extra space... it will not work and it will not give you an option to install anywhere else. I put it on my network drive and ran it from my laptop with a decent size single hard drive as drive C:\. I guess kudos to LG for making it super simple that a computer dumby couldnt mess up but at least have a intermediate and advanced option available too.

    This also does not fix the issue with the LG mini splits... LOL
    03-01-2014 12:34 AM

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