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    Stock 32B MyTouch stuck on google login screen after factory reset. Tried many SIM cards ... don't work. Trying to root. Need help!! Thanks!!! :-)

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    My sister bought a new phone and was going to pass along her myTouch3g to her daughter. Her husband was going to root it and install a custom rom thinking that it might run better for their daughter. My sister did a factory reset and passed it along to her husband. When he started the process he realized that he needed to get into the phone settings to create a gold card in order to root the phone. He put his SIM in the phone and tried to continue through the initial boot up and login process. After entering the login info it attempts to login for a while and eventually states that it: "Can't Establish a Reliable Data Connection" and thus does not log into the phone. He tossed it into a drawer and months later decided to pass it onto me. As far as I know he didn't do anything to it and it is just a stock 32B MyTouch but it won't login. I have tried 5 different sim cards none do any different.

    Is there anyway for me to bypass this? I have searched high and low but can't find a "real" way that will work on this phone. I am guessing that there must be something with adb that will help out but I'm not sure. I have rooted a few different android phones; G1, Galaxy S, but I am stuck with this one.

    My niece will be SOOOO excited if I can figure this out but I need somebody else to help make that happen. Thanks for any help on this!! :-)
    06-26-2011 04:19 PM