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    Wife coming from years on BB. Have had MT4GS 3 days.
    1. Is there a way to enable (or disable) sound notifications for incoming text and email? (We want no sound on incoming email - some kind of sound on text)
    2. The large screen seems to show smudges quite easily. Is there a recommended screen cover that can help alleviate this? Just want screen cover, not whole phone.
    3. Got the kludgy charging dock for this phone from TM made by HTC. Not as smooth/sophisticated as on all BB phones which are designed to be used in a pod w.o. having to insert anything in the micro usb port.. Is there an app that will constantly display the time in large numerals when phone is horizontal?
    4. The battery doesn't last a full day. Can anyone recommend a source for cheap batteries and a charging "block" so you can recharge batteries w.o. putting them in the phone. This, of course, wasn't a problem w. any of the BB phones. OTH, you seem to tend to be using this phone a lot more, because it does more - thus draining the battery even more.
    I have seen a couple sources on Ebay.

    This phone does so much - there is/will be a huge learning curve. Any good 3rd party "Dummy" type books?

    09-11-2011 04:58 PM