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    SuperOSR v2.2.4 is out!

    Here is the download link:


    2.3.7 Android based (Nexus S rom)


    Note: Juan is the dev of this rom so I take no credit! Just sharing the love

    Remember to say thanks!

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    07-31-2011 10:50 AM
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    Added - Wake & Unlock - always visible from Bluetooth Settings (tolemaC) - Hide clock - Percentage of battery - It's part of Cyanogen CyanogenModsettings - etc ...

    Applications - You can install more extras SupSetup from applications - Google Apps - Flash Player 10.3

    Reordering of wireless updating of all external apks updated Samsung owners wifi Lower consumption of most New soft recovery Launcher recommended but not installed

    SuperOSR 2.0.6 - Integrated SuperOSR matr1x kernel, I had a bug in the previous integral compilation

    SuperOSR 2.0.4 - Kernel Shankar (v6.5 kernel Matr1x CFS)
    07-31-2011 12:31 PM
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    Link doesn't work?
    09-08-2011 12:46 PM
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    Link doesn't work?
    Check now. The dev had released an update.

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    09-09-2011 01:21 AM
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    SuperOSR 2.2.4 is out! Link is in the first post.

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    10-27-2011 03:20 AM