1. GeneralTula's Avatar
    Here's the deal; I'm running my rooted NS with the following ROM & Kernel (Koush v11 + franco.Kernel 11/25/11). Now I LOVE how this runs but there are a few problems as far as minor bugs and some messages not coming through when I receive them. It doesn't happen often but I'd like to try some of the newer versions of the ROM that are available.

    No heres the problem, the kernel I'm using (franco.kernel 11/25) has a new default color scheme for the SAMOLED and its PERFECT. I've tried updating but the color is lost and I have no idea how to change it. Can someone please tell me how to change the colors for the SAMOLED after updating to the newest ROM and Kernel? I've downloaded & run them but the colors aren't as vivid. I would really like to know how to correct the color myself and set it how I like. Does anyone know of any app that can accomplish this?

    Please advise.

    Best regards,

    Jon Itula
    12-11-2011 02:15 AM
  2. g.o.p.a.l's Avatar
    Your best bet is Voodoo Sounds by Curio. In that adjust your RGB colour multiplier and the Screen V1 Gamma Hack to make your colours richer. The pro version sets on boot this scheme, the free one cannot. So you can get Rom toolbox lite and write a script to set it on boot. There is one in xda. But essentially Voodoo sound is your best bet. Its on the play store.
    05-06-2012 01:16 PM
  3. Paul627g's Avatar
    +1 on what g.o.p.a.l said...
    05-06-2012 01:19 PM