1. Nexus311's Avatar
    OK. So, this is my first time unlocking the bootloader. I used the sdk/adb/fastboot method to unlock the bootloader, which worked. I didn't realize this wasn't root access, so I found another set of files that I used to install clockwork mod recovery and flashed superuser from sd. Rebooted and, just like it's supposed to, Superuser was there in my app tray. But when I go to use root apps, the superuser prompt doesn't come up and they aren't granted root access. Is there something different I need to do being on 4.0.4? This is my first time doing it ever, please be gentle Please help me get root access!

    Also was just thinking could there be an issue with adb? Is it possible to use fastboot and not have adb work? When I unlocked the bootloader I don't remember if I had USB debugging on or not. Is there a way to check to see if adb did its thing?
    06-13-2012 09:39 AM