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    Hello everyone, im not on android yet but Im taking interest.

    I like tinkering with stuff and although I dont have a nexus S yet, a Mod that goes by gbhil mentioned he partitioned and did stuff on his nexus S which gave him like 50% more performance or so.

    I would like to read about this and how he made it possible for his nexus S, can someone tell me how did he? gbhil if you are out there please link me up with that info I would really like to read it.

    on another topic, I believe the thread about google and the issues with nexus S started by onthecouchagain, should be stickied, we should push google into making better software, I want google to succeed against iphone 4.

    Sorry for my english, I know it is not the best...
    12-29-2010 03:36 PM
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    01-03-2011 09:32 AM