1. meso100's Avatar

    I have followed the rooting instructions on The Unlockr website.

    Ive got so far now I cant start to read other rooting guides but I have a problem a few people have had but cant find the solution.

    The bootloader is already unlocked but when I rebooted the phone to locate the file install-recovery.sh - it was nowhere to be found.

    I have downloaded root explorer and still cant find it.

    What is this file and why would it not be on my phone?

    Thanks for your help in advance
    04-24-2011 10:27 AM
  2. TDR's Avatar
    Hey there,

    Have you checked the /etc and /system/etc directories? If the install-recovery.sh file isn't there for some reason and you can access ClockworkMod Recovery after you reboot, then no worries - that file is just there to restore the stock recovery every time you reboot. Most custom ROMs don't include it.

    Hope that helps
    04-24-2011 02:04 PM