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    Hereís my situation:

    I have a new Samsung Google Nexus S Android unlocked phone that I will use primarily as a voip phone with my sip service. I have a new Motorola SBG6580 wireless cable modem/router and a new ATT MiFi 2372 mobile hotspot. Iím using Broadvoice as my voip service.

    I want to be able to use my Nexus S phone with my Motorola SBG6580 wireless cable modem/router to make/receive voip calls when Iím in my home office and use my ATT MiFi 2372 mobile hotspot when Iím traveling out of my home office.

    My Nexus S phone will connect to the ATT mobile hotspot and register just fine with my voip service. I can get on the internet and make/receive phone calls without any problem. Therefore I know all the settings on the phone to communicate with my Broadvoice voip service are ok and functional.

    My Nexus S phone will connect to my Motorola SBG6580 wireless cable modem/router. I can get on the internet just fine and visit any website I want but it will not register with my Broadvoice voip service so I canít make or receive phone calls. It keeps telling me that it failed to connect or the connection timed out.

    I spoke to Motorola and all the settings on my cable modem are correct and it should work. As an experiment I downloaded Counterpath X-Lite software on my laptop and it works perfectly going through the Motorola cable modem/router, registers with my Broadvoice voip account and I can make and receive phone calls with my laptop with no problems. Counterpath also makes a version of their software called Bria Android version. If anyone has any experience with it and knows if it will correct the problem of my Nexus S phone not being able to connect to my voip sip service via a wifi connection Iíd like to know about it. I just donít want to take the wrong path and go through the hassle of paying for it, downloading, installing, uninstalling and waiting to get my money back if it doesnít work.

    What this experiment tells me is that there must be some difference in the way the Nexus S phone communicates with the Motorola cable modem/router versus how my laptop communicates with it. I took the phone to the local library and had the same results as Iím having in my home office. Connects to the open wifi and can get on the internet just fine but wonít connect to my Broadvoice voip sip service.

    I need the phone to work and make/receive voip calls with any open wifi connection as I travel frequently. I will want to use it when Iím in the airport in Hong Kong as an example and with my dsl wifi that I have set up in mainland China. My old Linksys WIP 330 voip phone worked great anywhere I could get a wifi connection, I need my new Nexus S phone to do the same.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as Iíve been trying to make this work for almost two weeks now with no success.

    Have a terrific weekend!
    07-08-2011 08:23 PM
  2. taylorsummer's Avatar
    Hey Robert,
    Could it be the voip provider, since the Broadvoice voip you have is not registerring? Perhaps try a different voip provider and see if any other results occur? I have used Broadvox and Onebox for voip service with my phone, so you might want to check one of those out.. I think your problem though is with the voip service, since that is that part that seems to be causing issues with your connection.

    08-17-2011 02:46 PM