1. DarkKnight's Avatar
    i bought my nexus s last week and i updated to 2.3.4, unlocked the bootloader, rooted it, installed cwm and flashed matr1x. i have been getting complaints about the sound quality from my end from numerous callers and they are constantly asking me to repeat what i said. i have voodoo installed (comes with the matr1x kernel) so i thought it would sound BETTER than the stock kernel, which i actually didn't make calls with since i started messing with it as soon as i fully charged the phone.

    what should i do? should i flash the stock rom and see how that kernel sounds? should i compare it with another nexus s if possible? anyway of getting rid of my muffled voice by adjusting voodoo's settings? is this a defect and should i exchange it?
    07-17-2011 06:13 PM