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    Whenever I update my apps from the market, it downloads them, then starts installing and a second latter my notification says "Insufficient storage"...except I have about 200+MB free on my internal storage and the updates are less than 1MB in size on average. It does that almost every time! And if I'm updating more than one app at a time, it's pretty much a guarantee that one or more of the apps will get this "Insufficient storage" crap. It'll work out after about 3-5 tries but why do we have to do it again and again?! And I know Google knows about the problem because I'm not the only one with this issue and there are topics about this on Google's help forums (or whatever they're called). Bought my Nexus S day one in December and had this annoying issue from the start! I thought, "no problem, Google and/or Samsung knows about it they'll fix it soon" And a few updates latter (I'm on 2.3.6) it's still busted! That's what "upsets" me the most, is that the phone is 10 months old and Google still hasn't fixed the issue! It's really irritating for me because I've made it pretty much a part of my morning routine to check for updates (and Amazon's free app of the day) Isn't this supposed to be THE Google phone?! Not a very good representation of a "pure Android experience" now is it!


    So, my fellow Nexus S owners, does anybody have a solution? Will rooting and installing a custom ROM help?...yeah, I actually thought about rooting my NS just to get rid of this issue!

    I have the T-Mobile's (US) version by the way.
    10-17-2011 12:45 PM

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