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    Gradually adjusting. My biggest rave is stacking icons of apps into the folder.

    Samsung is still using the hardware buttons, actually that made this confusing in reading other ICS guides showed screen buttons.

    Also, some guides said long press on the home button had changed. It didn't. You can now scroll through recent apps in a different way though. Some guides said to swipe to kill an app. I still don't get that.

    My contacts are harder. It is starting to come together. I've got several accounts with contacts and linking them want as straight forward as everyone made it out to be. Maybe it is easy when you have ten or so, but with a couple hundred it is harder. Still a bit baffled what changed and why it is better.

    I think we all have a learning curve, that is my point. I've got several Android devices, now I wish they were all the same. My wife's phone, my phone, and my tablet are all different versions now.

    I hope google will ease up now, let people digest this revision for awhile and hopefully the new phones and gadgets will migrate to ICS.

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    12-25-2011 11:12 AM
  2. big_time2's Avatar
    The only thing I'm still getting used to is the short vibrate when pressing keys on keyboard. I had a Nexus One and liked it, then when I got Nexus S it was completely different, now on Nexus S with ICS the buzz is much shorter, sometimes I don't even feel it vibrate when typing text messages.
    12-25-2011 12:22 PM