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    So I figured out how to get Google Wallet on your T-Mobile Nexus S without having to get a AT&T SIM card in it. Just download this Google Wallet APK and open the app. It worked for me so it should work for you also. Tell me what you think. NO ROOTING REQUIRED!

    APK: http://www.mediafire.com/?2oqw5uur1af9uuj
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    02-04-2012 11:18 PM
  2. font1975's Avatar
    Cool. Downloaded and installed. Went through the setup and have $10 on the prepaid. Guess I've got to find somewhere to try it.: )
    02-06-2012 09:44 PM
  3. font1975's Avatar
    Successfully bought a Big Mac with it!

    Do have one question Mr. Baconator:

    Since we side-loaded this app, how do we get the updated APK? I expect Google will have a new update coming soon to address the card re-use and PIN recovery issues.

    02-10-2012 12:40 PM
  4. piizzadude's Avatar
    Uninstall and reinstall the new one? You account info should be the same

    Charged up post!
    02-10-2012 12:43 PM
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    The quesiton was more of where to get the APK..... a gentle nudge to Baconator to post the updated APK when it arrives

    I'll google for it, but if he has a source...
    (or maybe I'll borrow an AT&T SIM, as I think that was how he got it in the first place)

    Completely missed this article ... http://www.androidcentral.com/google...laxy-nexus-att
    Now shows in Market under "My Apps"....may it will update, maybe it won't
    02-10-2012 01:11 PM
  6. Baconator's Avatar
    The app shows up under "My Apps" in the market so I would expect it to update in the market.
    02-10-2012 10:37 PM
  7. agentpolo083's Avatar
    Thanks. When i started it for the first time on my Nexus S (T-Mobile), it said it is a older version. Is it safe to do the update, or will this "break" the app and make it not usable anymore on my unauthorized phone?
    07-09-2012 01:15 AM