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    Hello All -

    I'm looking to switch carriers soon to get away from the big V. However, I was curious about the Nexus S. Specifically, it's 3g radio.

    I know that it's a GSM phone and can be SIM unlocked which covers voice and texts. What about the 3g radio? Are there two versions of the handset? One for AT&T and one for T-Mobile?

    04-04-2012 08:01 AM
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    Yes, there are two. Neither has a pentaband radio like the Galaxy Nexus.

    I don't recall the specific model numbers, something like i9020a and i9020t. (Again, that's a guess)

    But specifically, you're looking for this spec:
    900/1700/2100 (sometimes written as 900/AWS/2100) which works for T-Mo
    850/1900/2100 which works for AT&T/Canada

    When you look at the specs, be sure to look for the 3G or HSPA radio frequencies. Don't get it confused with the GSM frequencies.

    EDIT: All Nexus S are unlocked, BTW. Even the ones on contract.
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    04-04-2012 11:58 AM
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    This clears this up once and for all. Now if I could just find two cheap enough...
    04-04-2012 12:45 PM