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    I have lost my Gmail address and password used to configure my Samsung Nexus and now I am being asked to provide this information to unlock my mobile.
    I found many info explaining how to reset to factory default by pressing/holding POWER and VOLUME DOWN buttons.
    In those posts, after get the screen "Start" narrow pointing to POWER button, I had to press VOLUME UP button and choose "Restore" option, but in my mobile I got the message:

    Do not turn off target"

    And there are no other option available pressing volumes' down/up buttons.

    Could someone let me know if there are other way to get access to reset factory configurations?

    IMEI: [removed by moderator for privacy]
    S/N: R21CB2N3LXW
    Model: GT-L9250TSRRWC

    Thank you so much
    12-08-2013 01:12 PM
  2. JustAnotherUser321's Avatar
    When I tried to do this, I mistook the "volume up" button for the "volume down" button and got the screen you saw. It's opposite of a phone. When I used the right volume button, I got to the factory reset screen.
    12-16-2013 03:12 AM
  3. Emersonivo's Avatar
    Thank you JustAnotherUser321 for your answer.
    I think I had tried both options during my attempts to reset my mobile configuration.

    Anyway, I will try again.
    12-16-2013 09:38 AM

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