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    So this phone release seems to be competely screwed up. First nobody seems to know anything, then I seem to get solid info, and then I find out that all of the Best Buys in my district, dont regularly carry T-Mobile phones and that I will now have to either order online or go into a store and have them set me up with the service and then they force ship me the phone. And here is the confirmation according to the BB FAQ:

    "Will my local Best Buy be carrying the Nexus S? I talked to the staff there and they didnt know.
    Sorry for the confusion. We are still in the process of getting all of our stores prepared for launch. The Nexus S will be available on launch date at all Best Buy stores, Best Buy Mobile stand-alone locations and online. Please note: Every store will have unlocked Nexus S phones available for same-day take-home purchase. At stores that do not regularly carry T-Mobile devices, customers purchasing phones activated on T-Mobile with a contract will be required to place an order in store and have the Nexus S delivered to their homes. A list of stores that normally carry T-Mobile devices will be available shortly."

    I called my local store and asked if any stores would sell me the phone in store on contract and I was told flat out no. However if I want to buy it outright then they will have them available. What kind of crap is that?

    Now not all stores are like this but if you are in the OR area and want service and was hoping to walk out with a new phone, youre not getting one. Seems very half-@ss.
    12-15-2010 03:12 AM
  2. miniZ's Avatar
    I agree wholeheartedly. In the words of Alabama hero, Antoine Dodson.. "Really Dumb, Forreal".
    12-15-2010 07:33 AM
  3. anon(52425)'s Avatar
    And here is a link to show you, broken down by what state, is going to be carrying the Nexus S for 199. And as I was told Oregon is not on the list at all. This is one of many reasons why I really dislike Best Buy. Check out the link, it is at the bottom of the page:

    Google Nexus S
    12-15-2010 01:51 PM