1. tkhamis's Avatar
    My Nexus S all of a sudden stopped ringing. I can see the call coming in, the phone is set to vibrate and that is working fine, but it's just not ringing.

    I made sure it's not in silent mode, increased ringtone volume, changed the ring tone, rebooted, removed the battery. I don't know what happened, because it was working fine until tonight. The speakers seem ok, all other sounds are fine.

    Anyone else having this issue?

    12-26-2010 09:43 PM
  2. Asaroth2010's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem with my cappy,
    03-08-2011 06:29 AM
  3. Baconator's Avatar
    You should call Samsung about this issue if you have got it out of silent mode and put the volume all the way up. Maybe even go to best buy and tell them about this and maybe they can give you a new one.
    03-08-2011 07:30 AM
  4. dankind's Avatar
    Mine just did this as well.. perhaps a new bug introduced with 2.3.3!?
    03-09-2011 09:56 AM
  5. Paul Wilkis's Avatar
    After upgrade to lollypop, call ringer resets to very low volume. I reset it and the first call rings normally and the second call resets to minimal. Any suggestions???
    05-20-2015 02:19 PM