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    I've lived by Vlingo since my BB Pearl, then my Samsung Galaxy S (which was stolen - unlocked, no password ) - and now I have the T-Mob/NexusS. I thought I wouldn't need Vlingo after seeing the voice actions video - but it doesn't seem to work right at all. Usually it will get the correct action, but for example it doesn't fill in the recepient for emails or texts, but prepends some bad reco into the text field instead - and the reco performance in general seems worse than on my BB or the Gal/S. Vlingo worked great on the Gal/S, but crashes on the Nex/S. Anyone have better luck with voice actions - esp. sending emails and texts with the recepient, subject and message all correctly filled out? thanks
    01-17-2011 01:17 PM

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