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    Well, what the heck: my NXS was lying next to me on the Sofa, doing nothing. When I picked it up, it felt hot. Not burning hot, but decidedly hot to the touch. My wife noticed a strange smell, a bit like plastic burning, coming from it. I opened the back shell and ripped out the battery. Because the whole phone smells of burnt plastic, it's kinda hard to tell but I'd say I'm 99% sure the smell is coming from the battery.

    The battery has been a pain in the a** from the start - taking 4+ hours to fully charge. Apparently now, it was very close to killing my phone.

    No idea where I'm supposed to get a new battery now - I live in Switzerland where Google isn't selling the NXS. Of course, because I imported the phone, I don't have a warranty on it, either. I guess I'm screwed now.

    ps: sorry, about the title - "Akku" means "battery" in German. Have definitely lived here too long, I guess. Time to go home :-)
    02-05-2011 02:41 PM
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    One of the several features of Android is the fireplace compiler, it is perfect for those winter nights!

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    02-05-2011 08:55 PM