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    I did it for 2.3.2 so I gotta do it again. Keep us posted on if you got the update yet google said "it will be coming over the next few weeks" could be awhile.
    02-22-2011 09:23 PM
  2. lyk13's Avatar
    Waiting for the geniuses to get the path...
    02-22-2011 09:26 PM
  3. Jalarm's Avatar
    Here comes the waiting game....I think it's funny with my Captivate I have only gotten 1 update my Nexus has gotten 3 in 2 months.
    02-22-2011 09:50 PM
  4. lyk13's Avatar
    Here comes another problem. FB contacts sync is gone. Hope FB will push out an update to their app to properly use Google API to integrate contacts. FB has been given special permission to bypass it from Google.
    02-22-2011 10:04 PM
  5. Ziptied's Avatar
    Came through on mine about 20 minutes ago, my device never suffered the "shut off" issue, so I haven't noticed any differences thusfar. While going though everything it did die - dead battery though, ive been on it all day. I'll dig through it in the morning at work and see if I notice anything glaring.
    02-22-2011 10:26 PM
  6. GeneralTula's Avatar
    Does anyone know for sure if this update stop the random reboot. I love this phone but I own my own business. And if Google isn't going to fix this by thinking that we'll just get accustomed to the reboots then they are crazy. After all the BS that Android talked about the iPhones antenna problems and now Googles flagship phone can't even make a 5 minute phone call.
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    02-23-2011 07:54 PM
  7. Jalarm's Avatar
    Yes, it's suppose to fix the random reboot.
    02-23-2011 09:40 PM
  8. dankind's Avatar
    Yes, it's suppose to fix the random reboot.
    androidandme.com says otherwise:

    Google just announced that they have begun to push Android 2.3.3 to the Nexus S. The update is described as a small feature release that adds read and write APIs for the near field communications (NFC) chip inside the Nexus S. Other updates include new APIs for Bluetooth, graphics, media framework, and speech recognition.

    Mysteriously missing from the Android 2.3.3 Version Notes is any mention of the random reboot bug that is affecting a portion of Nexus S owners. The problem was first identified last year and Google confirmed they were working on a fix, but I guess it is not ready at this time. We were told on January 28th that a fix for the reboot bug would be available within one to two weeks, but it does not appear that will happen.

    If you own a Nexus S, look for the over-the-air update to hit your phone in the coming days. We will be on the look for the download link so that you can manually install the update if you do not wish to wait.

    Some of the features of the Android 2.3.3 update include:

    A comprehensive NFC reader/writer API that lets apps read and write to almost any standard NFC tag in use today.
    Advanced Intent dispatching that gives apps more control over how/when they are launched when an NFC tag comes into range.
    Some limited support for peer-to-peer connection with other NFC devices.
    Nexus S receives update to Android 2.3.3, adds new NFC features, random reboot bug remains – Android and Me


    android.net says otherwise lol

    Your Nexus One is a second-class citizen no more: Today, Google's rolling out Android 2.3.3 to both its premier smartphones. The latest build, still referred to as Gingerbread, brings even more NFC goodies than foretold, as the Nexus S will soon be able to write (not just read) rewritable NFC tags as well as act as a glorified NFC tag itself. (You can see both possibilities in the three screenshots above.) What's more, Google tells us Android 2.3.3 will fix the random reboots that have plagued the Nexus S as of late, and offers other random bugfixes as well. You'll find the whole kit and kaboodle streaming to your phones over the air during the next few weeks to come.
    02-23-2011 09:50 PM
  9. Jalarm's Avatar
    Oh, sorry then I thought I read that in the fixes on engadget.
    02-24-2011 07:19 AM
  10. Gone24's Avatar
    It fixes the random reboot issue along with a bunch of other issues. That article from androidandme is old...
    02-24-2011 02:03 PM
  11. Smokexz's Avatar
    Pass, WebM support isn't enough to justify the fact that there is no Facebook syncing. Sticking with CM7 TYVM!

    Sent from my Nexus S
    02-24-2011 02:06 PM
  12. dankind's Avatar
    anyone else notice improved battery life after 2.3.3 upgrade?
    02-28-2011 02:36 PM
  13. pathfinder3's Avatar
    For those interested / didn't know, CM7 latest nightly (#11) now is 2.3.3

    Cool thing about that is u can use Voodoo to adjust the colors

    Sent from my Nexus S using Tapatalk
    03-02-2011 08:14 AM

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