03-04-2011 03:29 PM
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    Hey Everybody,

    First off I want to start by saying, YES, there is a warmer color temp to the NS post update (2.3.3). However, this is not for the worst. I've compared the screen with the G2 and a NS pre update and while the color was definitely more vivid (and bled into each other a lot) the new color scheme is DEFINITELY much more true to life.

    And I know a lot of you will say that you want the vivid color back and I understand that, but you also have to give Google and the makers of the screen savers and apps time to adapt to this new color temp.

    Overall this is my input:

    1) The screen isn't as bright and I would like that changed.
    2) The color scheme is warmer (ex:yellow tint) but either way you have a blue color tempt, red color tempt or green color temp. Ex: RGB. Red, Green & Blue make up all colors on our phone and all Google did was change the color temp so there is less red and blue and more Green. I actually like the change.
    3) I have had a couple problems with signal but overall I think its something that will be addressed soon or I was just in a bad location.

    Please give me any feedback on what you think about the change. And please, before you make tons of comments about it please compare and search different web pages and pictures and look at the differences. The screen shows much more detail on pictures now instead of just blackness or purplish tints.
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    02-26-2011 09:29 PM
  2. rb81's Avatar
    I've been reading other forums on this issue and I think I have found why some people like the color change and some don't. Apparently not all samoled screens are the same, some have a cool bluish tint and others have a warm yellowish tint. I can attest to this because I'm on my second nexus s, I exchanged my first for an unrelated issue. My first one did appear to have a greenish/yellowish tint to the color scheme and my current one appears slightly cool or blue. I think if you fall into the category of having a warmer yellowish tint to begin with the update can exacerbate the issue. If you have a cooler temp it may not be as noticible. Either way, I think that changing the color temp several months after release was a mistake. People get used to how their device looks and a sudden change can be troublesome.
    02-27-2011 06:06 PM
  3. Baconator's Avatar
    Well I am used to it now. I don't even notice it haha. That was quick!
    02-27-2011 08:15 PM
  4. Andromedo's Avatar
    I wish I could say the same. I want to RMA this thing as defective now, and I really used to like this phone.

    For those of you who feel the same, here is the link to star: https://code.google.com/p/android/is...etail?id=15039

    02-28-2011 02:24 PM
  5. nexus s user's Avatar
    Just updated manually to 2.3.3 thinking that will be able to revert back to 2.3.2 but now when i try to revert it back to 2.3.2 it gives error..Installation aborted ..Error in /tmp/sideload/package.zip
    I did delete the 2.3.3 package from internal storage downloaded 2.3.2 update renamed it to update.zip still no go
    I'm stuck now ..was better off with 2.3.2
    Has anyone tried manually reverting back to 2.3.2 after updating to 2.3.3??
    03-03-2011 02:49 AM
  6. Colourfielding's Avatar
    I just want to say thanks to Google for knowing my tastes better than myself. For a while there i thought i knew what i liked. I bought my Nexus S with color temps that were pleasing to my eye and now i have a screen that looks worse that my friends 4 year old Iphone. It's like buying a new deep blue car at a car dealership and going back to pick it up and having them give me a washed out baby blue color car. It flat out looks lame when you had the most vibrant screen out there before. Google better have a fix for it soon. Thanks again Google for screwing up a perfectly good phone!
    03-03-2011 01:11 PM
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    Normally I am impatient and I want the latest updates ASAP. But after reading these posts and seeing the before and after pictures I am not updating my phone. Every few minutes it says in my notification bar that there is a system update available. I just pull the bar down and hit clear. I don't remember reading anybody complaining about the color of the Nexus S screen.
    03-04-2011 03:29 PM
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