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    A month or two ago ( can't really remember when) I posted a thread stating my back LED stopped lighting up, it works but it wasn't lit up. Well today I have good news, I have fixed it, accidentally. I was out fishing and I honestly didn't want my 500 dollar device to get damaged if anything were to happen ( no black tie insurance). So I left it in the car and on ( pretty stupid of me, I know) I left it right on top of the dashboard and went on to fish for a good 5 or 6 hours. When I came back, I wanted to check my FaceBook, I touched my Nexus S and my hand was on fire it was burning hot and I KNEW it shut off. So I waited and waited and waited until it cooled down, when it finally did, I turned it on. The LED was on, no surprise it has always turned on and off randomly. So I ignored it and went along with my day. Couple of hours later, the LED is still on, which is very rare. So I wait and wait and wait, I am up til 2 and it still didn't turn off. So I go to sleep and wake up, it's still there. I know it's a little early to assume this is 100% fixed, but I believe it's been fixed, now I would't really recommend you put your Nexus S under the Florida sun for a good 6 hours if you don't know if the LED turns on and back on. Meaning, if you never see the LED back button come back on, then it maybe just died out. However, if you have seen it come back, try this, now I cannot be held responsible if your device explodes etc, hell I would recommend taking the battery out( something I didn't do, again this was an accident) just to make sure nothing goes wrong.

    Have any questions you can PM me, oh and don't put your Nexus S under the sun for every problem xD.

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    04-24-2011 12:58 PM