1. Linkchomp's Avatar
    T-Mobile has a $70 unlimited talk/text/web(no throttling) prepaid on their site. Will their Nexus S work on that plan?

    Oh wait, I just remember, Wal Mart has services through T-Mobile. Can I do that as well?
    06-06-2011 10:43 AM
  2. Baconator's Avatar
    Well I don't think you can get the services through Wal-Mart because they don't carry the Nexus S but I think you can get the prepaid. I have an even more plus which is $79.99 unlimited everything no throttling.
    06-06-2011 10:58 AM
  3. Linkchomp's Avatar
    Yeah, I just looked and they don't offer unlim data on Wal Mart

    I asked because I am paying $75 for 450(+300 bonus minutes) on Sprint

    While I saw that deal I'd only pay $70(10% discount if Student rate allows on unlim plans) for unlim everything
    06-06-2011 11:04 AM