1. Csimon's Avatar
    I installed Ubuntdroid 4 Final on my Optimus T and found that the bluetooth doesn't automatic connect to in my Sienna mini-van. I had to manually pair up. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a work around?

    I like Ubuntdroid 4, but I need the bluetooth to connect automatically when I get into my minivan.comments? suggestion.

    thanks in advance.
    07-06-2011 10:00 AM
  2. merchant2112's Avatar
    i have the same problem with my nx501. as a work around i found that simply turning blue tooth off and back on and the phone pairs without having to go thru the setup and pairing function.
    07-06-2011 12:07 PM
  3. Csimon's Avatar
    For now I'm relashing my back up stock
    07-07-2011 02:44 PM