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    My phone has a mind of its own, its is sluggish and slow. It freezes (does not matter what app I am using) then sometimes it gets to where I wanted it to go, but most of the time it will not and I have to do a battery pull, then it will boot up and work most of the time it goes into this cycle of start-restart over and over then I have to pull the battery and sim card. When it goes into the start/restart cycle my phone gets hot not sure it is the screen or the battery.
    "It" use to do the whole start-restart cycle it at midnight when it received updates (yes some of my apps are set to automatically update) and I would just turn off the ringer but now" It" does whenever it wants has a wild hair!
    I am on Family Mobile powered by T-Mobile.
    I did drop the phone and crack the screen but I covered it with "contact paper" and it took care of the blank spot that was on the screen.
    No water damage to the phone or battery.

    SD card 3.69GB has 2.54 left

    USB storage 1.62 has 354mb

    Device memory 143mb available

    I been trying to uninstall a lot of the apps I do not use, but my phone gets into the start restart cycle after uninstall a few. (sigh)

    It does not have a bad battery drain problem.

    Android version 2.3.5
    Baseband version T679uvkj1
    Kernal version .6.35.7-perf-t679uvkj1-CL625406 se.infra@sep-68 #3
    Build number Gingerbread.vkj1

    I want to take out ALL the un-need t-mobile apps

    I would like help on getting rid of several apps at one time and doing a restart, then getting the un-needed t mobile apps out. Stop the start/restart cycle. The abilaity to stop un-need non circuital apps for starting and running in the back ground. Stop the constant repetitive alert chime I get when I start up my phone and it has boot and will only stop when I pull down the notification bar.

    I am almost sure that a big problem may be the lack of available memory left.

    I think I included all information you need. If not please ask.
    07-23-2012 01:53 PM
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    Honestly don't think it's your memory. There is enough there. Has it been doing all this since you've had root? You probably need to reflash the rom, and maybe overclock a little. Before you redo your whole phone, go into recovery, wipe just the cache and the dalvik, then reflash everything.
    07-23-2012 02:02 PM
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    I do not recall "rooting" my phone. I tried to update it several months back using Kies but I do not think that it rooted. I read several forums to trouble shot but no one posted any thing close. I figured I needed to unroot it to uninstall the T-Mobile apps I do not need as they will not work on Wal-Mart Family Mobile's "Network". For those unfamiliar WalMart Family Mobile uses T-Mobile towers.
    I would call tech support but Customer service is "out sourced"
    07-23-2012 02:22 PM
  4. tamarlyn's Avatar
    Is there a "safe mode"? My phone is stuck in the start/restart cycle today. It will not stay on long enough to work on any fixes.
    07-23-2012 03:50 PM
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    If you are not rooted, you won't be able to remove those apps. They are locked into the phone and there isn't a way to get them off without root. One suggestion I have for you would be to try an app on the android market called app2sd. It will let you move a few of the apps off the phone to the sd card, but unfortunately a big chunk of what came with the phone probably won't be able to be moved. One other thing I can get you through is updating your phone to 2.3.6. Like I said though, you really need to root to do all the things you want to do to it. The rooted custom roms are way better than stock anyway
    07-23-2012 04:11 PM
  6. MR.SGE4G's Avatar
    Yea just root an flash any of the newest roms we have like 6 bro an try v6 supercharger

    sent from my v6'd kangoraded gtAb2
    07-26-2012 01:56 PM