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    Bought a Samsung Exhibit 2 4G off Craigslist from a young boy. The phone looks absolutely like new, hardly used, excellent condition, everything included.

    I switched from Virgin back to T-Mobile and used this phone 3 days ago. I tested the bluetooth and found although the headsets connected, but the audio won't be routed to the headsets!

    Anyone knows probably what's wrong? Is there any setting that I need to set? I tested with 2 headsets - Samsung WEP200 and Motorola H370, same results.

    Any idea?


    Somehow finally the bluetooth works during a mobile voice call, but not with Groove IP WiFi calls. During Groove IP WiFi calls, even if I press bluetooth headset button on the app, it will not route the calls to bluetooth.

    And is there any way to route all audio to the headset whenever the headset is on and connected? Online websites like Youtube or iHeartRadio also insisted playing the audio on the phone, not the bluetooth headset!

    Don't know if it's because I updated to 2.3.6? Anyone know if there is a bluetooth bug in 2.3.6?
    10-24-2012 07:55 PM

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