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    I currently have a generic ebay tpu smoke argyle case for my Exhibit. It's not bad, but it's a little ugly.

    The T-Mobile 3DO case they sell at T-Mobile looks like it's a nice case.

    Anyone have it? Any thoughts or opinions?

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    11-10-2012 06:52 AM
  2. Ivan Elmy's Avatar
    Late reply, but I'm new to the forum. I have had a 3DO case for my HTC Amaze since I got it when it first came out late in 2011. The case is amazing for impact resistance. I have dropped my phone onto concrete many many times and it doesn't have a single scratch on it nor has the screen ever cracked. Watch the Tech21 demo video on youtube, the guy throws his 3DO wrapped phone at the wall several times then drops it off a balcony twice and the phone was fine.

    Now, with that said, several times over the course of my ownership of this phone, I have had severe antenna strength issues and dropped calls, and when I've taken it into T-Mobile, after they had done their tests, and no issues were found, they said that there have been other similar complaints, and the other customers with the same problems also owned the 3DO case. I'm not sure if this is really the issue or not, because my phone seems to work fine most of the time when in the case.

    All in all, I highly recommend the 3DO cases.
    02-15-2013 08:27 AM

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