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    I've been having issues the past few months, experiencing random FC's, eventually requiring a complete wipe and restore to get working again. Phone was running smoothly for a few months. Maybe one or two FC's, then out of nowhere the FC's totally won't stop, and it's over. Wipe time. I've got CWM and Titanium BU. But I'm wondering what is causing the corruption, overloads it with a flood of FC's all at once? Absolutely no warning. Turn off one day, start up again one day and it happens, unpredictable.

    After some thought, I believe, but can't prove it (yet) that this could be caused by apps becoming corrupted through Market auto-updates. I have quite a bit of apps from the Market, usually I have set the auto-update tick box to On. Maybe I shouldn't do that. Hard to prove which one(s) could be the culprit, if this is the case. Phone is rooted, and I'm on Peach Sunrise ROM. I'd like to know how to trace down the chain of events if this happens again, and take preventative steps.
    01-12-2013 12:54 AM

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