1. Rosario Urtuaga's Avatar
    Hi Guys:

    I recently bought this phone from Metro PCS without paying attention that only brings 2GB of memory (BTW I don't recommend this phone to anyone because of this issue, you can't even have the basic apps on this phone)

    3 Times a day I have to be deleting pictures and clearing the cache to be able to access the photo gallery.

    The main problem is with whatsapp that stores all pics on the phone internal memory and not on the external SD card , even though in settings I have chosen to store everything on the external SD card. It is really a PITA that this phone has so little internal memory

    I took a screen capture of the "Storage" under settings and this is what I get:

    As you can see the phone says I have 286MB of pictures and videos in the internal memory of the phone.

    I have moved all the pics and videos to the external memory and the phone still says that.

    I can't find those videos and pictures. I even plugged in the phone to the PC and I can't see them.

    The PC reports I have almost 2GB in the phone but when I try to see the sub-folders only a few MB are shown in the explorer, which means there are a lot of files I can't see even on my PC.

    If I could access to those 286MB and move them to the external SD card ,at least I would get some space in the phone so I can use it a little bit better.

    Any advise?

    03-02-2014 09:45 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central! I'm going to guess that the Pictures in question are all thumbnails saved by the system to represent various photos and other images. On my Nexus 5, I have 113 thumbnails, that take up 312 MB (as analyzed by the SD Card Cleaner tool in All-in-One Toolbox). You could try using an app that clears app caches (like All-in-One Toolbox or App Cache Cleaner) to see if that helps clear some of this out, although I'm not sure if cache cleaners actually handle thumbnails. You could also delete the thumbnails using any file manager app, but thumbnails will probably continue to be created as the system goes about its daily business.

    For more tips on handling low memory, check out this guide: http://forums.androidcentral.com/amb...-warnings.html
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    03-02-2014 10:09 PM
  3. Kevyn Wooden's Avatar
    I'm having the same issues and the phone is new. Not to mention that Metro says that there's not enough towers in my area so sometimes I don't get any data service at all. This phone sucks and there's nothing to do about it. There's a reason the phone is basically being given away.
    04-01-2014 03:34 AM
  4. Tayone Williams's Avatar
    i know how u feel because i have a samsung galaxy exhibit that has 1.34GB and with my sd card which has 16gb pro, its still not enough storage. Even with a 32GB sd card, it probably still wouldnt help because i cant even move my apps to my sd card. so join the club
    10-14-2015 01:46 PM
  5. Emoh bailey's Avatar
    Transferring Files from Internal Storage to SD Card:

    While on the home screen, tap "Apps"
    Select "My Files"
    Tap "All files"
    Tap "sdcard0" to access your handset's internal storage
    Navigate to the desired folders and / or files. To select files or folders, mark the checkbox associated with these files
    Press the "Menu" icon located at the top-right corner of the display
    Select "Move". Note: to create duplicates of the selected file(s) or folder(s) tap "Copy" instead
    Tap "extSdCard" to access the installed microSD card
    Navigate to the location where you wish to move the previously selected content
    Tap "Move here" or "Paste here" depending on what option you've picked at step 7
    06-01-2016 09:14 PM

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