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    I love the interface of the default alarm app/widget, but it has a few deal-breaker issues. Before I start messing around with 3rd party apps, I was hoping to get some suggestions based on the issues I have with the stock program:

    1) The volume is WAAAAAY too loud. When watching YouTube on the lowest volume setting, I can only hear audio when the speaker is pressed right up to my ear. But the alarm, even at the lowest possible volume, is loud enough to wake people in adjacent rooms.

    2) When I wake up to the deafening alarm, my first instinct is to lower the volume. However, pressing any of the volume buttons snoozes the alarm, and there seems to be no way to disable this. Disabling snooze just makes it so that pressing a volume button turns off the alarm. Why Samsung would choose not to give users an option, and why they would choose volume buttons instead of one of the context-sensitive buttons, is beyond me.

    3) Due to the screen rotation sensor's inaccuracy and lag, more often than not I'll be attempting to snooze or turn off the alarm, only to have the orientation change mid-swipe. This usually results in the phone registering the opposite action than the one I intended. I know that auto-rotation can be turned off for all apps, but it's only a problem for the alarm because, naturally, I'm laying in bed. Incidentally, I find it funny that Android calls the feature "auto-rotation" when no manual option is available... I would love to be able to manually change the rotation using a physical button, but that's a whole 'nother thread.
    02-11-2014 12:10 PM

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