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    I watch streaming video on my t.v. via an HDMI cable from an MHL adapter which mirrors apps (Netflix, etc.) connected to the Internet over my T-Mobil Note 3's 4g service.

    I got a Chromecast because it will screen mirror my device screen wirelessly.

    "#3. Hack Your Hotel With Chromecast" (reelseo.com/5-chromecast-tricks) tells how to do this using your phone so I persist in trying to figure this out.

    I stream over my 4g because I have a "Truly Unlimited" T-Mobile plan that limits hot spot / tethering. I can tether but, not 1.5GB videos (until hitting a limit). I can screen mirror 4g all day long.

    When I try to setup Chromecast my 4g turns off.

    I'm ready to try getting Chromecast to hook up to my laptop (a peer network perhaps) or some permutation but I still need my Note 3 to be the screen that's mirrored after all is said and done.

    Any ideas?

    03-12-2014 09:41 PM

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