1. Ya Boy Vell's Avatar
    I've got a Factory Unlocked Note 3 I use with T-Mobile... It fell of the sink, with the case on it and started acting stupid. It made the background of the screen look like it was raining or something. It look like the Matrix, I slapped it around a little then plugged it in the wall... it was back to normal, for about a hour. It started turning off by itself like every 20 mins, the last time I got it to turn on it jumped crazy and doubled up on it's name then shut back off and hasn't came back on since... It's like the backlight comes on but stays black... I Pissed, I just got it off Craigslist... !!! what can I do....???
    04-02-2014 01:44 AM
  2. jamminman001's Avatar
    Don't drop it in water next time and get a water proof case lol just playing I put mine in rice it worked no problems but it might be too late by now all you can do is try

    poasted from my perfect the way it is note 3
    04-02-2014 04:29 AM

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