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    I am new to this whole smartphone world, so please excuse my poor attempt to describe my problem. My phone is only 6 months old. In the last 2 days its started acting weird. Out of no where it will make a vibrating noise then the screen will come on and it will flash the galaxy logo, this happens very very offten. It has only ever done that in the past when I power down my phone. When I open it, it is still on and nothing seems to have changed. My battery is draining rapidly from this. I went to bed last night with a fully charged phone. I kept it on my nightstand and now this morning when I woke up the battery is in the red zone, almost dead. I didnt leave it plugged into the charger over night.

    So to sum it up, my phone makes the vibrating noise then flashes the galaxy logo- this happens very frequently and thus the battery is draining rapidly.

    Any ideas??? Thanks so much!!!
    06-18-2014 08:15 AM
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    It sounds like it is spontaneously rebooting. Did you install any new apps or make any changes? I would try two things separately.

    Removing the SD card.
    Booting into safe mode.

    See if it still happens after either of those. Also clear your cache from recovery. Next step would be a factory reset without adding anything to your phone afterwards - no restoring, no apps, no altering of settings, no SD card - just complete newly factory reset phone. A factory reset will erase all your data so back up anything you need. If it still occurs you should go to T-Mobile for a replacement (or Samsung if you didn't buy it from tmo).

    Here's a link how to do the various things I mentioned: https://t-mobile.jive-mobile.com/#ji...cuments%2F9049
    06-18-2014 09:51 AM

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