1. jayfunk38's Avatar

    I have a problem with my samsung galaxy note 3.
    Since yesterday the touchscreen is not responding to my fingers
    but it is responding correctly to the stylus.
    Could it be that my touchscreen is broken?
    or is this a known problem and is there a fix for this?
    Could you pls help me.

    11-29-2014 10:10 AM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    There are 5 layers on a Note screen, not 4 - LED backlight, LCD (which is what you see), touch screen, S-Pen screen and glass. The S-Pen screen can still be working if the touch screen is bad.

    I won't jinx my phones by telling you that it's not a known problem but, unless the phone is still under warranty (then just get it replaced), you're going to have to pay for a new screen. (If it's a really good shop they may be able to save you a little by replacing just the touch screen and glass, but it's a lot more labor, so the saving isn't phenomenal.)
    11-29-2014 09:13 PM

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