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    I was thinking I missed being an iphone junkie, so I went and purchased the ip5 at T-Mo last Friday,,, that lasted about 48 hours before I freaked out and returned the ip5 and re activated my Note 2.

    I've been an hardcore iphone junkie since they were first born, and I really do love the iphone 5,,, but wow,,, I had forgot how dated the iphone has become with all the improvements with Android and the Galaxy series phone.

    In getting the ip5 last week I got to find out how many cool features my Note 2 has that I have taken for granted and forgot the ip5 does not have.

    The camera features, the LED notifications and even the ability do to or not do even the simplest mods to the home screen and having widgets,,, and Google voice is so much better than Siri.

    Ohh well,,, never say never but I don't see an iphone in my future unless Apple makes some big advancements with the iphone,,, kinda sad as I hate to see Apple getting so far behind in the features area.

    I will be getting the GS4 on day one though, as much as I love my Note 2, I never truly got used to the size,,,, the GS4 I see as the perfect size with more features that I want than my Note 2 has.

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    04-15-2013 07:04 AM
  2. Th3Myth's Avatar
    sounds like someone had phone adhd, lol... from what I hear, the Note II is suppose to get the same software features as the S4... but that's just what I heard
    04-15-2013 07:26 AM

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